We got another 5 axis router built using the Doughty Rotary drive we procured from you a couple of months back. The machine got installed at our place in the first week of July. We did some demo runs for a fortnight and everything seems to be working fine. Starting tomorrow we’ll be using the machine for full fledged production runs. This machine is an exact replica of the previous router and all programs are interchangeable on both the machines.

This project would definitely not have been possible but for all the help and support that you have given us. Thanks a lot for this. We also noticed that you have put in a lot of work on the new rotary drive and there is quite an improvement over the one we procured from you about three years back. Good job. Keep it up.

Well, thats it from here for now. Thanks again and do keep us updated on all the new work that you are doing. All this stuff is very interesting and very exciting 🙂

Sunil DasVisu Poly Product Pvt Ltd

“The Doughty Drive was the inspiration for my first 5 axis machine build.  I have been running my machine in furniture production 30+ hours per week for over 3 years with no major problems.  Machine runs reliably, and does things I never intended to do with the machine when I originally built it, and the Doughty Drive has kept up with all of it.  Any rare issues that have arisen are dealt with quickly.  Without the Doughty Drive I would have never imagined building my own 5 axis router.”

Todd Parks


“Thanks so much for the email. I had just typed out a long email asking about electronics and telling how these drives are a true work of art, so beautifully machined.”

Jonathan Brand